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E-Learning FAQS


1.       Does Distance Learning mean I will not interact with other Students or Faculty?

Ans: No. Students talk to and develop rapport with instructors and even fellow classmates through email, Virtual Classroom Discussion boards, chatrooms and telephone calls. You will also communicate with your teaching assistant. Some courses have live recitation sessions that encourage your participation. You will also be given the choice to share your email address with other distance students that are taking the same course.


 2.     Will you send me books, CDs, DVDs, or PDF files?

Ans: All materials are available on the Virtual Classroom for free download.


3.     How do I access the Virtual Classroom?

Ans: To enter the virtual classroom please use your respective username and password given to you by the Institute Of Distance Learning


4.     Can I Access These Courses From Any Computer?

Ans:  Yes, all you will need is an Internet connection and your account login information


5.     Will e-Learning work on my smart phone, tablet and other handheld devices?

Ans: Handheld devices such as iPhone and iPad support the e-Learning the e-learning programme can be viewed using the mobile browser similar to viewing the course/units from a desktop or laptop computer with Internet access.


6.     Who is this e-Learning Programme designed for?

Ans: For everyone with basic ICT skills.


7.     How do I obtain my materials? When will you email me the materials?

Ans: This is an e-Learning programme; therefore, all courses and units are accessible online. Simply login with your username and password at and click on to the title of the course that you registered in.


8.     What is the web address for the platform

Ans: www.


9.    I can’t Log in with my username and password

Ans: Please contact ,  or call 0322 191132    for assistance.


10.  My Courses Have Not Been Enrolled

Ans: Please contact ,  or call 0322 191132    for assistance.

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