All CEMBA – CEMPA STUDENTS who wants or desires to graduate in 2017, should kindly take note of the following:  
1.The CEMBA-CEMPA Programme is a 2-Year programme, students who were enrolled, for example, in August 2014, were expected to complete and graduate in November 2016.  
2.All students who were not able to graduate in November of their 2nd Year and would have to graduate in June of the following year will pay a penalty of GHC 600.00 per semester. If a student is unable to graduate in June, and therefore would have to graduate in November, will pay GHC 1,200.  
3.In addition, to this amount of GHC 600.00 per Semester, students will be required to pay Thesis Defence Fee of GHC 200.00 when finally processed for defence.  
4.All Students should ensure that they have written and successfully passed all outstanding resit papers and have acquired the mandatory CWA of 55% or more, before they can defend their thesis.
5.Payment of the penalty is by Banker’s Draft ONLY, payable to the KNUST Institute of Distance Learning.
6.Banker’s Draft should be submitted with the final Thesis at designated IDL Centres.
7.All those who want to graduate in June 2017 are expected to submit their FINAL THESIS together with their Banker’s Draft, latest by MONDAY, 3rd APRIL 2017. Please note that Thesis Submission is currently on-going.  
8.All Students who want to graduate in November 2017 should submit their Thesis, together with their Banker’s Draft, from Tuesday, 1st August, 2017, to Friday, 30th September, 2017.  
9.All Students are expected to pass their Oral Examination at their first presentation for defence. However, if a student gets referred for re-submission, students have only one more chance to defend the thesis and pass. Students are therefore encouraged to prepare very well for their Oral Examination.  
10.All students who want to know how much they owe, should kindly call IDL Accounts Office on 054 020 6262  
11.All students who want to know more about their thesis defence should kindly contact The Thesis Chairperson on 020 830 2293.  
12.For further enquiry and clarification, kindly call main IDL Office on  024 727 4661 or 032 249 1138  
IDL Thesis Chairperson


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