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Objectives and Strategic Goal


IDL Strategic Goal is to “Expand Access to Continuing and Tertiary Education and Training

through the Distance Learning Mode”


    Theme 1: To attract, develop and retain quality staff in IDL
    Theme 2: To develop and strengthen mechanism to achieve financial sustainability for the institute
    Theme 3: To access to undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes
    Theme 4: To develop or acquire and maintain necessary physical infrastructure and equipment for IDL
    Theme 5: To enhance the development of print and electronic learning materials in Distance Learning (DL) mode


a. To expand access to tertiary education.

b. To provide a complementary mode of learning to the conventional lecture room

session and, thereby, reduce the pressure on university facilities.

c. To introduce a level of flexibility to the acquisition of a university degree, diploma

and certificate.

d. To offer demand-driven certificate and diploma programmes of study through

sandwich and other distance learning modes.

e. To establish off-campus Learning Centres in the regions to serve as co-ordination

points for student activities, student support services and points of interaction

between students and facilitators.

f. Serve as a link between the learners and the main KNUST campus.