Distance Learning


QualityThe value of  a certificate is predominantly determined by the standard  of the institution  that awards  it.  A distance learning programme  therefore in West Africa’s premier  Science and Technology university is  worth  it all. We  offer  you   the right programmes  that  give  you the right  education  you need  to be a top-notch  in your  preferred  career  field.   A  well prepared  and  well-taught  course  work  handled  experienced  faculty members  awaits  you  at KNUST’s Institute of Distance Learning.  Our courses are structured  to help  you  deal  with real-world  challenges at the workplace.  Besides,  our  very professional and supportive  staff  are  always around  to  make   your  education   a  whole  pleasurable adventure on its own.  Simply  put,  excellence  is our hallmarks

Flexibilty  in Class Schedules

Since we have the working class in mind our class periods  are scheduled  to make it  flexible and convenient  for even the busiest worker.  We have evening  and weekend  class hours  to  make  it possible  for   professionals  and  all kinds of workers  to access education  without  any  nuisance or  inconvenience.  Besides  our  Online Virtual  classroom   gives further flexibilty.  You do not  have to be in a physical  classroom  always.  You  spend  part of your  classroom  hours online  on your own,  with all academic facilities  made availabl to  you.   This means you can  attend  this online  class at a time best suitable to you.


Our campuses are strategically located in major towns and cities across Ghana.  We are spreadin  our wings  across other  countries as well.  So wherever you are in Ghana chances are you will find one of our campuses closer  to you.